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Have healed myself from MS with this diet, I was enthused to share this style of eating with my community. Kind Living Cafe opened on 29th April 2011 as a way to support the process of educating people on nutrition and compassionate eating. The goal was to show people we can all eat really tasty food without any damaging effects to our bodies, our animal friends or our planet. Our home town received us with open arms and confirmed our belief that given the choice, people would much rather have healthy nutritious food. We were also thrilled, given we had chosen to open our Raw food cafe in the middle of dairy country, just how much people embraced the dairy, meat free meals we serve up!


Our personal experience and those of friends and associates have let us to believe that we can make a change to the ever growing list of serious ailments we are facing by changing our diets and our attitudes.

The menu was designed to entice even the most committed meat eater, with some incredible hearty vegan dishes.

Our Kind Living Cafe desserts quickly gained a reputation up and down the coast and we had people ordering whole cakes from us on a regular basis, all gluten free, sugar free, dairy free. Key lime pie, Chocolate mousse pie and an ever changing variety of cookies and slices.

The beauty of raw desserts is they are just so healthy, you can actually have them as a meal replacement!

Let yourself being treated to some new flavours and all the while knowing this is only going to help you, heal you and actually give you energy.

We are currently not operating as a cafe, but offer classes and coaching to assist in your journey to amazing health and vitality.

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